Free Personal Accounting Software

Get control of your finances, with the free personal accounting software available here. Also known as personal finance software, it allows you the ability to keep ahead of bills and pay them on time, thus avoiding late fees. Ability to see all your money information in one place. Ability to see all your incomings and outgoings and identify whether you are living within your budget, and if not which areas to focus on. Makes it easier come tax time. The advanced products allow you to manage your investment portfolio.



This personal finance software is a freeware Windows based applications will allow you to track your spending and net worth as well as create a budget. Its feature list includes:

  • Unlimited accounts
  • Tracking of your net wealth
  • Filtering of your transactions to track down specific payments
  • Importing data from your bank account via the qif format
  • Rapid categorisation
  • Charts to show where your money is going
  • Budget planner allowing easy budgeting and to track of your expenses
  • Automatic upgrades to make sure you have the latest features
Windows XP Download. Windows Vista/Windows 7 Download. passed antivirus check

Personal accounting spreadsheet

Download the free personal accounting spreadsheet, to get your finances in order. On the spreadsheet you will find sections for each of the major outgoings. Fill these in and your net income will appear, from this you can get a sense of where most of your money is going and what can be cut back to improve your finances and put your budget back into shape. Download here


  • Download Home Accountz Now
  • Quicken personal finance (US only) - this is personal finance software provided by quicken unfortunately it is targeted towards the US so some of the features will not work if you are not US based.
  • Microsoft money (no longer sold) - unfortunately this personal finance software is no longer sold any more, though if you are lucky you may be able to pick up a copy, in its latest incarnation it embraced a web paradigm simplifying the tasks of managing personal finance.